SUMAC (Rhus spp.)

Evergreen: Yes, No
Size: Small
Bloom Period: Inconspicuous Flowers
Exposure: Sun, Part Shade
Category: Trees
Plant Description:

Rhus virens or Evergreen Sumac, is a native tree of Texas.  The dark green compound leaves have a thick leathery texture.  Fragrant white flowers bloom in the late summer followed by red drupes that are a favorite with the birds.  This small tree can reach a mature size of twelve feet tall.

Rhus typhina also known as Staghorn Sumac is a fast growing deciduous tree.  Alternate compound green leaves can be up to twenty four inches in length.  These large leaves provide excellent fall colors of red, yellow, and orange.  Panicles of white flowers bloom during the spring, and female plants then produce a reddish-brown fruit.


Rhus lanceolata is native to central Texas.  Flameleaf Sumac can adapt to almost any soil conditions and is heat and drought tolerant.  The leaves are pinately compound and shiny green.  The leaves change to brilliant shades of red and orange before dropping in the fall.  White panicles of flowers, up to ten inches in length bloom during the summer.

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