OAK (Quercus spp.)

Evergreen: No, Yes
Size: Medium, Large
Bloom Period: Inconspicuous Flowers
Exposure: Sun
Category: Trees
Landscape Uses:
Plant the mighty oak trees as shade trees. The Live Oak tree makes a good evergreen background. Please use the desriptions below for your particular landscape situation.Plant Description:

Quercus macrocarpa commonly known as Bur Oak is a slow growing massive shade tree reaching seventy feet high and wide.  The tree is deciduous with coarse dark green leaves that may produce a little yellow color in the fall.  The trunk is a distinctive gray color and the bark becomes deeply grooved with age.

Quercus muhlenbergii or Chinquapin Oak is a medium to slow growing shade tree that matures at a height of seventy feet and a width of thirty feet.  The green saw-tooth leaves turn a bronze color in the fall. The trunk has papery gray bark.  This tree is heat tolerant and once established can withstand considerable drought.

Quercus laceyi is a smaller deciduous oak tree only reaching a height of thirty-five feet and thirty feet wide.  The leaves are a bluish gray color.  This oak is extremely drought and heat tolerant.

Quercus virginiana or Live Oak is a large shade tree that reaches heights of fifty feet and almost twice as wide.  Small leathery green leaves are evergreen to zone seven.  The Live Oak has a high heat and drought tolerance.

Quercus shumardii better known as Red Oak is a deciduous tree that has a broad columnar growth habit and at maturity is seventy feet tall and forty feet wide.  It is one of the faster growing Oaks and is tolerant of poor soils and drought.  This tree also provides a good yellow to red fall color.

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