MEXICAN BUCKEYE (Ungnadia speciosa)

Evergreen: No
Size: Small
Bloom Period: Spring
Bloom Color: Pink
Category: Trees
Landscape Uses:
Plant this native tree as an understory tree,as an accent or in a courtyard setting. This tree is drought tolerant but can grow in slightly moist soils.

Plant Description: Mexican Buckeye is native to Central and West Texas.  This deciduous tree has a spreading habit, but basal pruning in the late spring will help reduce suckers.  Small clusters of pink flowers bloom in the early spring as the leaves emerge.  The pale green leaves are compound and consist of at least seven lance shaped leaflets.  The foliage turns a beautiful golden color in the fall.  This tree will reach a mature height of twenty feet tall.  The brown capsule that is produced after flowering contains poisonous black seeds.

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