MAPLE (Acer spp.)

Evergreen: No
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Bloom Period: Inconspicuous Flowers
Exposure: Sun
Category: Trees
Landscape Uses:
Plant as a shade tree and for the fall color. Use the Shantung Maple in smaller lawns.

Plant Description: Maple is a fast growing deciduous tree that produces great fall color.  The soft green leaves are heavily lobed and depending on the variety create colors of yellow, orange, and red during the fall.

Acer truncatum or Shangtung Maple is a smaller variety reaching a mature size of twenty five feet tall and wide. Acer buergeranum also known as Trident Maple displays exfoliating bark and grows thirty feet tall and wide.

Acer saccharum ‘Caddo’ grows to a mature height of forty feet tall and thirty feet wide.

Acer grandidentatum or Big Tooth Maple is one of the largest maples and is also native.  This tree can reach heights of fifty feet tall.

Acer rubrum or Red Maple is a very fast growing tree reaching fifty feet tall and forty feet wide.

Acer x freemanii  also known as Autumn Blaze Maple displays a brilliant red fall color.Autumn Blaze will grow 40 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

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