ELM (Ulmus spp.)

Evergreen: No
Size: Large
Bloom Period: Inconspicuous Flowers
Exposure: Sun
Category: Trees
Landscape Uses:
Plant as a shade tree.

Plant Description: Ulmus crassifolia or Cedar Elm is a native tree that can be found growing throughout Texas.  This tree has proven to be adaptable to many soil conditions as well as tolerant of heat and drought.  Small rough oval shape leaves and a dense branching structure create a beautiful canopy.  The green leaves fade to golden yellow in the fall.


Ulmus parvifolia, Lace Bark Elm is a deciduous tree that displays shedding bark along the trunk.  This creates a great texture and mix of colors ranging from orange to brown to gray.  The small oval shaped leaves emerge dark green and change to yellow in the fall.

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