BIRCH RIVER (Betula nigra)

Evergreen: No
Size: Large
Bloom Period: Inconspicuous Flowers
Exposure: Sun
Category: Trees
Landscape Uses:
Plant as a specimen.accent or in a group. Ideal for wet areas but will adapt to heat and drought once established. The foliage flutters in the breeze and turns a golden yellow in the fall.

Plant Description: River Birch is a deciduous ornamental tree that displays beautiful contrasting shades of gray and copper within the exfoliating bark.  The oval green leaves have serrated margins and fade to a yellow in the fall. Most often seen in a multi-trunk form, the River Birch can reach a mature size of fifty feet tall and thirty feet wide here in North Texas.  Native to the Northeastern United States the trees are found growing in very organic rich wet areas, but River birches have been proven to adapt to heat and drought once established. Betula nigra ‘Dura-heat’ is an improved variety that has denser foliage, and can withstand the hot, dry summer conditions better than other varieties.

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