Welcome to Discount Trees Texas

Discount Trees Texas is a new name, but the business has been here for years.

We've got just about any tree you'll need in stock, but in case we don't, one of our tree farms does. To go with our huge selection of trees, you'll appreciate the incredible number of shrubs we carry. Plus, all the accessories you'll need for trees and shrubs are here: rock and stone, gravel and mulch, ornaments, jar, statues, fountains, and much much more.

Discount Trees Texas is easy to find, easy to reach, but even easier to explore and discover in person. We've got acres of trees and shrubs, rocks and stones, anything else you might need for landscaping, including flowers and other surprises. We've even got firewood.

Discount Trees Texas, 1700 E Bonds Ranch Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76131

817 847 9143 or 817 437 2399